FAQ About Hair Extensions with Braiding Method


1. What is the hair extensions with braiding method?


 Did you know Eyelash Extensions is from Korea? Braiding method hair extensions started from Korea. Right now this type of hair extensions is  becoming very popular in North America and Australia like wild fire.


Small amount of extension hair is braided into small amounts of your own hair at roots and tied up with cotton thread. It is a very labor intensive work. But it’s just most comfortable beautiful natural looking hair extensions among all.


2. How long does it last?


6 months(other extensions: 2-3 months)


3. Is braiding method hair extensions better than Tape Extension?




*****  Tape Extension****:
Losing hair or breakage happens when it’s removed because of glue, Hard to comb because baby hair stuck into tape(this is one of the reasons hair loss happens when it’s removes), Have to remove and install every 2-3 months(corner of tape will stick out, tape will slip down), Unable to use hair again, When it’s reused, glue doesn’t work like first installation, Unable wear a pony tail


**** Braiding Method Hair Extensions****:
No breakage or hair loss when it’s removed, Easy to comb since no glue used, Removal and reinstallation every 6 months(longer than any other extensions), Reuse the hair for years


4. Is Braiding Method Hair Extensions better than Microbeads Extensions?




*Microbeads extensions: Uncomfortable when you sleep, A lot of hair loss & breakage during installation & removal, Unable to reuse the hair
*Braiding method extensions: Comfortable when you sleep, No hair loss or breakage during installation & removal, Able to use hair years


5. Is Braiding Method Hair Extensions is better than Weave Hair Extensions?




Braiding Method Hair Extension feels very comfortable. But in Weave Extensions case, hair extensions put strain on scalp and feels heavy and painful. A lot of times you can see bumps because of thick head of weave hair extensions.


6. Is Braiding Method Hair Extensions is better than Keratin glue hair extensions?




We don’t recommend Keratin Glue hair extensions. When it’s removed, glue will be messy causing massive hair breakage and hair loss.


7. How long does it take?


It will take 2hrs – 12hrs by specialist. When it takes longer than 5 hours, 2 specialists will work together.


8. How much is it?


Hair will be $300 -$1,000 depending on the length and thickness of hair you need. Labor is $100 hrly(2hrs – 12hrs depending on thickness of hair)


9. Do you have good quality hair?


Yes, all our hair is from Korea. We have the top quality human hair.


10. Do you pre-perm the extension hair?


Yes, we have perm specialists.


11. Can I use the extension hair again?


Yes, you can use the same extension hair for years.


12. What’s the aftercare?


Like your own hair, you need good quality shampoo and conditioner. And hair mask will be great once in a while.


13. Do stylists need special training?


Yes, the stylist has to be be intensively trained and needs years of experience because when the tension is not even, client will feel pain.


14. Do you do highlights with hair extensions?


Yes, we have a lot of different colors of highlights.


15. Can I wear a pony tail?


Yes, it’s like your own hair