Price & Promotion


This Month Special;


*Japanese hair straightening: 20% Off 


*Hair Botox: 20% Off 


*Keratin Treatment: 20% Off 


*All Color Services: 20% Off 


*Digital Perm: $260 Any length( Reg: $320+)


*Mens’ Perm(Top of head): $99


*Hair Extensions: $899

Only for First time clients
Only for Braiding Method Hair Extensions
Max Length: 22″
Thickness: Med thickness


Price List


Japanese hair straightening: $120/hour

*Estimated time for JP straightening;

African American: 6hrs – 2days depending on thickness & length of hair

East Asian(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese,..etc): Short 2.5-3hrs, Medium: 3-4hrs, Long: 4hrs

South Asian(East Indian), First Nation, Filipino, Middle Easterner, Latin: Short:3.5- 4hrs, Medium: 4-4.5hrs, Long:4.5-6 hrs

Caucasian: Short: 3hrs, Medium: 3.5 – 4 hrs, Long:4.5-5hrs


   *When estimated time is longer than 4 hrs, 2 stylists will be arranged and it will be a flat rate for protecting workers’ shoulders and vision.


   *JP Straightening Root touch up will be the same cost of doing whole hair since it will take the same time or longer.


Hair Botox(for Medium thickness): Short-$320, Medium-$360, Long-$450+

Digital Perm: $320+

Hair Extensions: By Consultation

Ladies Cut((Sorry, not accepting new clients): $75+

Men’s Cut(Sorry, not accepting new clients): $45+

Traditional Perm: $150+

Wash & Style((Sorry, not accepting new clients ): $45+

Color Services:

   Ombre & Balayage: $250+

   Root Touch Up: $110+

   All Over Color: $140+

   Highlights: $10 per Foil

   Quarter Head Highlights: $120+

   Half Head Highlights: $160+

   Full Head Highlights: $190+

   Color Correction(Sorry, not accepting new clients): $120/Hr