Tina Lee: Owner, 25 Year Experienced Master Stylist & Educator


Tina Lee has been a Japanese hair straightening specialist for 25 years. She has a reputation as the best Japanese hair straightening specialist in North America. Her clients are from all over the world, USA, other provinces in Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong,..etc.
It led her to open her own salon in Yaletown Oct, 2016. Only one year later, she expanded her salon to triple size. Right now, she is a very well-known educator for Hair Straightening, Digital Perm, and Braiding Method Hair Extensions in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.

Tina Lee is an amazingly talented, extremely hard working, energetic, fun loving individual, and has a strong moral standard for operating her business. She hires only master Artists to make sure every single client gets the top job in the industry.  She would rather turn down clients than hiring unqualified artists to get mass volume of clients. She believes that’s the key for the success of business. 



Soonyi has been doing hair for 25 years. He was born and raised in South Korea. She owned her own salon for 20 years in Seoul, South Korea. Her main clientele were Korean celebrities. He worked as a fashion magazine editor, fashion show coordinator, and was a very well-known educator in a lot of prestigious hair education institutes in Seoul Korea.
She immigrated into Canada and worked as a master stylist in Calgary for 5 years.
She just moved to Vancouver for expending her hair career.
She was born as an artist and knows her craft.
Her specialties are precise cuts, color and digital perm. She is an easy going laid beck person who anybody instantly enjoys being around with her.




Yuki is raised and born in Japan. She got intensive training from Japan and Canada.
She is very motivated and ambitious individual.
Yuki was born as a stylist and incredible talented artist. Her specialties are Japanese hair straightening and braiding method hair extensions.




Billy has been a stylist in North America for 31 years. He specializes in color correction and precise cuts for ladies and gentlemen.
He is extremely talented and a fun person to be around.
He was born as an artist and a truly amazing person.




Song is originally from South Korea. She is a very sophisticated perfectionist for her craft.
She loves what she is doing and is willing to learn new skills all the time. Her talented hair straightening and hair extensions make her is the busiest artist in our salon.




Danielle was born and raised in Victoria BC. She has been an educator and master colorist for 17 years in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary.
Her enthusiasm for her work and bubbly personality has always made her the most requested stylist in our salon. At the same time, she is an editor for a lot of beauty and fashion magazines in Vancouver, New York, and Toronto.