Tina Lee: Owner, 20 Year Experienced Master Stylist


Tina Lee has been a Japanese hair straightening specialist for 20 years. She has a reputation as the best Japanese hair straightening specialist in North America. Her clients are from all over the world, USA, other provinces in Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong,..etc.
It led her to open her own salon in Yaletown Oct, 2016. Only one year later, she expanded her salon to triple size. 

Tina Lee is an amazingly talented, extremely hard working, energetic, fun loving individual, and has a strong moral standard for operating her business.  She hires only master Artists to make sure every single client gets the top job in the industry.  She would rather turn down clients than hiring unqualified artists to get mass volume of clients. She believes that’s the key for the success of business. 


Joseph: In-House Stylist, 15 Year Experienced Senior Stylist

Joseph was born and raised in South Korea. He started highly trained in beauty colleges in Seoul Korea and has been a master stylist in Seoul Korea for 10 years.

He moved to Australia and continued his hair dressing career for another 5 years. He finally chose Vancouver as his new permanent home and started his new career in Vancouver. He is very sophisticated and extremely passionate about hair dressing and pursuing his education to improve his already mastered skills. 

He specializes in hair straightening, digital perm, color correction, wedding hair, and braiding hair extensions. He keeps up to date on the seasons’ latest trends in beauty and fashion.


Kim: In-House Stylist, 29 Year Experienced Master Stylist

Kim has been consistently keeping up with the latest trends since entering the salon industry 29 years ago. Having trained in various salons across Seoul in South Korea. She moved to Vancouver permanently 3 years ago and has been working as master stylist in Vancouver.

She has a acquired a broad set of skills in regard to her wedding hair, hair extensions, cut, color, perm, Japanese hair straightening, and styling services. 

With her meticulous touch and detailed approach, Kim gives each guest in her chair a personalized style and memorable experience.


Sook: In-House Stylist, 27 year Experienced Master Stylist

Sook is inspired everyday by this amazing city, current trends, and by her clients. She prides herself on her ability to have a clear and thorough consultation and deliver on it.

Sook’s passions lie in precision hair cutting, braiding hair extensions, color correction, and Japanese hair straightening. She has worked in high fashion styling as well as in top-end salons.

Sook has worked on hair of all types, of hair textures, and styles on a variety of clients that come from all parts of the world which including notable media, sports figures, musicians, business men and women, and members of the fashion industry.


Anastasia: 17 year Freelance Makeup Artist

Anastasia has always been in love with fashion and beauty since she was a little girl. As a child, She began to help friends with their fashion shows which she gained exposure.

Then prompted her to begin to provide styling assistance and makeup application for various fashion lines, websites, online boutiques, magazines, live events, store openings, agency portfolio expansions, and composite cards.

Now today the range of work she provides is from tv, weddings, special occasions, beauty, glamour, runway, fashion, and editorial. Anastasia is a self taught makeup artist and certified as well.

She believes the face is a blank canvas which you can create beautiful masterpieces. Makeup artistry is her absolute passion and loves what she does.