What is Digital Perm?


Digital Perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display. Much less frizzy and more loose curls than traditional perm. It gives soft body beach waves.




How long does it last?

Fine hair will last 4-5 months. Coarse hair will last 6months - 1 year.


How much is it?

$350-$450 (This Month Special: $299 Any length)


How long does it take?

2-4 hours


Is my hair a good candidate?

The healthier hair is, the better result is.

The more coarse your hair is, the better result will be.


I have damaged hair. Is it still ok?

Best candidate for Digital perm is healthy coarse hair. Usually we perform this perm on the  bottom of hair. Bottom of hair should be healthy.


Does the hair color change?

Yes, color will be slightly lighter


My hair is chemically straightened, can I still do Digital Perm?

Yes. After Japanese straightening(chemically straightened)only digital perm will gives permanent waves. Traditional perm will not work.


I have curly fizzy hair, is it ok?

Yes, usually Digital Perm controls frizz too. We usually recommend Japanese hair straightening for top and middle parts of hair. When top & middle part of hair is frizzy, soft body waves on bottom of hair doesn't look good.


When can I color or get other chemical treatments?

You have to wait 2 weeks. You can do grey cover(less than 1 inch) at the same time or 48 hours after perm.


What do I have to know after Digital Perm?

You need to wait 48 hours to wash hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep curls.