What is Japanese hair straightening?


 It’s also called thermal reconditioning, rebonding, Korean Magic Perm, Japanese Ionic straight perm, permanent straightening, Yuko hair straightening,..etc.

The hair is saturated with a solution containing a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape; it is then rinsed, blow-dried, and meticulously flat ironed.

Once a neutralizer is applied, the hair is locked into this new, straight configuration.


**Japanese hair straightening class available: Private class, Group class,  We can travel to your salon too. Inquire within(Not available currently)





What’s the difference between Keratin Treatment and Japanese Hair Straightening?


Japanese hair straightening changes the internal bond of human hair while Keratin treatment(smoothing treatment like Brazilian blowout, Hair Botox, Nanoplastia,..etc) does not, Keratin treatment smoothens out the cuticle and so your natural texture gradually returns.

Japanese hair straightening produces permanent results while Keratin treatment lasts for about 4months to 6 months depending on the hair type.


How much does it cost?


-Short: $280+, $350+

-Medium: $350+, $400 +

-Long: $420+, $550+

(Price will vary with thickness, texture, and condition of hair.

Root touch up will be the same cost of doing whole hair since it will take the same time or longer time.)


How long does it last?


It’s permanent, but natural texture of roots will come out. Most of our clients come back every 4-8 months for root touch up.

African American hair texture clients come for root touch up every 2-3 months.


How long does it take?


Short(Med thickness);2.5hrs -4hrs

Med(Med thickness): 3.5hrs -5hrs

Long(Med thickness): 4hrs -7hrs

African American Hair Texture: 8hrs – 3days(require in-person consult)


Will it damage my hair?


Scientifically yes, but hair looks heathier, shinier and silkier.

Any kind of chemical treatment which permanently changes inner hair structure will damage hair. Like color, highlights, ombre, balayage, perm, relaxing ..etc. But you get the look you want to achieve.  Chemically straightening once, is far less damaging to hair than flat ironing frequently and it will not go back curly or frizzy hair when humidity hits. Also, tremendous time saving when you have high density hair and a full time carrer.

Definitely, Japanese hair straightening will make unmanageable hair very manageable and look professional within 5 mins flatiron touch up  in the morning.

The result varies with the texture of hair and degree of damage. Healthy coarse hair will turn out picture perfect soft hair. But fine dry tight curly hair will turn out more dry than coarse hydrated hair texture.

If you concern about keeping intgrity of  hair, we recommend  smoothing treatements(keratin, botox, nanoplastia, mild JP straightening, ..etc)


Can I make curls with a curling iron after straightening?


Most of times yes. We don’t recommend more than twice a month. If you want to use a curling iron often, we recommend JP straightening on top & middle part of hair and digital perm on bottom of hair.

Digital perm is a new technology perm which gives soft body waves done by computerized perm machine. 

Or, you can have permanent hair straightening in half of hair(upper part) and smoothing treatment(Keratin, hair Botox, Nanoplastia, Mild JP straightening, ..etc)in half of hair(lower part).


Can I have permanent waves(perm) or color after straightening?


Yes, you can do color & straightening  at the same time when hair is healthy and coarse. If you have fine hair, we recommend to wait 2 weeks. Grey cover (less than 1.5 inch)can be done at the same time, or 3 days after straightening.

Yes, you can do perm(tradiotnal perm or Digital perm both) 2 weeks after straightening.


What brand is known as the best Japanese hair straightening product now?


Nowadays, we can see a lot of great products, most popular ones in professional industry are: Istraight System, Marcconti, Yuko, Shiseido, Gloss, Chi Straight, ATS..etc.

Each line has pros and cons, we use 4-5 most professional lines since North America is a melting pot of all races. 


What do I have to do after JP straightening?


Try not to wash your hair 2-3 days after straightening. If you have to wash hair, use only warm water & condirtioner.

If you have to tie hair  right away because of  health condition or career, please do not tie too tight(do not use raw rubber bands, use the hair bands covered with fabric or cotton thread). Then roughly  flatiron before go to bed. 


My hair is bleached, can I still get JP straightening?


Most of times, bleached hair is not the best candidate. We give a free strand test for bleached hair clients. There is a mild JP straightening treatment for bleached hair clients. Mild JP straightening has Keratin inside, hair will be repired & softer but hair will not be pin-straight like  regular JP straightening.


Do you do partial?


 Yes, we do fringes, side burns, T-zone(Mohawk area) roots, curly roots of back of bottom head,..etc.


Will JP straightening make my hair very flat?


No, it will not make your hair flat. Non experience styliat might not consider natural volume on top of head but we are very experienece straightening specialists,  we will make sure you get natural look on top of head.

Most peopple feel their hair became vert flat since puffiness  is reduced dramatically.  If anybody wants more volume, we will give you  a short free lesson to make volume easy .


Is root touch up lower cost?


No, it will be almost  same cost of doing whole hair since it will take almost same time.


Do you do Japanese hair straightening to men, too?


Yes, we have quite a lot of gentlemen clients since the trend of the last few years is long straight hair on top and side & back is shaved. Hair has to be at least 2 inches long. If your hair is shorter than chin length, we recommend doing hair strightening only top of head. When you do the whole head and hair on sides  are not long, side hair will stick out. It’s not the most flattering look after paying the cost of doing whole hair. When you do only top of head, approx. cost will be $180-$320.