Tina Lee: CEO & Educator


Tina Lee has been a hair stylist for over 2 decades. She opened her first salon in Yaletown; a high-end beauty service area, in Vancouver 2016 and one year later she expanded her salon to triple size since her clientele has been expanding. She started her career as a hair straightening specialist but Korean Hand Tied Feather Braid Extensions service became prominent  among the services she provides as time has goes on. Now, she spcializes in Korean Braid Human Hair Extensions and hired Korean Braid Hair Extension specialists. She still provides all services like hair straightening & smoothing, perms, color, cuts..etc. Now she is planning to expand her salon to the main cities in US since a lot of American clients fly to her Vancouver salon for Korean Braid Hair Extension service. Stay tuned for her first locaion in the U.S. soon!





 Li was born and raised in South Korea. She has been a stylist for 16 years in Korea and Canada. Her clientele were Korean TV celebrities and international public figures when she was working in highend salons in Seoul Korea.
Li is an extremely talented and a truly amazing person. She is adventurous and loves nature. Li is simply beautiful inside and outside.  Li is a member of our Vancouver team.




Song was born and raised in South Korea. She has been in the beauty industry in South Korea, Australia, and Canada for many years. She takes pride in her knowledge of new techniques and keeping up to date with the latest trending products. A hair straightening & balayage expert, she also specializies in Korean Braid Hair Extensions. Song enjoys enhancing her knowledge of new techniques and keeping up to date with the latest trending products.

Song takes pride in her knowledge and high level of service she gives her clients, ensuring they leave satisfied and with the style they can be proud of. She is down to earth and simply beautiful inside and outside. Song is a member of our Vancouver team.




Yuki is raised and born in Japan. She got intensive training from Japan and Canada.
She is very motivated and ambitious individual.
Yuki was born as a stylist and incredible talented artist. Her specialties are Korean Braid Hair Extensions, Japanese hair straightening, & color correction. Yuki is a member of our Vancouver team.



Rain was born and raised in China. She immigrated to the US 15 years ago and started her new career as a hair stylist. She has been a senior stylist in high-end salons in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood in California for a decade. She is a creative and artistc soul. Her amazing color correction work and Korean Braid human hair extension service made her the busiest stylist wherever she goes. Her hard work over the years led her to build a large clientele in Beverly Hills & West Hollywood. Rain is a member of our LA team.






Kim is originally from Korea. She entered the hair industry in the spring of 2013 in New York. She moved to high-end salons in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica in California. Right away she built up a wide range of clientele because of her hard work and keen eye for art. She just joined our LA team and is very excited about her new journey with Straight By Tina Lee.




Billy has been a stylist in North America for 31 years. He specializes in color correction and precise cuts for ladies and gentlemen.
He is extremely talented and a fun person to be around.
He was born as an artist and a truly amazing person. Billy is a memeber of our Vanocuver team.




Cathy was born and raised in Taiwan. She is a cusomer service representative in our salon. She is bubbly and detail oriented person who greets our guests online.


Robert(Independent Artist)


Robert has been a stylist in Brazil and Canada for over a decade. He loved all things hair and fashion from a young age. Robert is known as a very talented colorist with an extensive knowledge of hair textures. He is able to create haircuts that not only compliment one’s features but their personality and life style as well. He is truly and amazing person and loves what he does.